About Me


Hello, I’m Jemma!

I’m 26 and live in Lincolnshire UK, with my husband and 2 (almost 3) children. I have a little boy (8 years old), a little girl (4 years old) and I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3. Our baby girl is due 30/03/18.

Welcome to my parenting, lifestyle and beauty blog.

I set up my blog and pursued my passion for writing in January 2018. I had many reasons for wanting to start up my blog. I wanted to create a safe space where I could share my memories and experiences. However, I also wanted to connect with fellow mummy’s, daddy’s, grandparents and anyone else that could relate to my content.

When I first started my journey of motherhood, I was shocked at how lonely it was. Still to this day I find it incredibly lonely. I wanted to create an environment where I could connect with other parents out there that might feel lonely too, and remind you that ‘you’re NOT alone!’.

I want to be able to share all my money saving tips and tricks, planning ideas, parenting hacks, reviews and so much more to help you along your parenting journey. Basically, anything I wish someone would have shared with me along my way.

Besides being a mummy, I am also a qualified makeup artist and nail technician. As a parent, I know the strains and struggles of putting yourself first. Within this blog, I also share many wonderful beauty tips and tricks on a budget.

I post new blog posts every Monday & Friday at 5pm GMT.

You can also find me on youtube where I vlog similar content plus some extras! Subscribe to my Parenting, Lifestyle & Beauty Youtube Channel

I love reviewing new products and sharing my thoughts with you!

If you would like to work with me, visit my Work With Me page.

Jemma x